Our Good Way Forward: Worship, Community & Prayer

Dear Holy People of St. John’s:

Thank you for the patient and calm way you have approached and entered into this new, unwanted reality of pandemic sickness, social distancing and self-quarantine!

Our good way forward is, in many respects, a journey of return to the ancient Christian practices that sustained the early Church - in times like these and worse. These practices are worship, community and prayer.*

I’m posting a message to all of you about some of the plans in the works for the coming weeks. Please take a moment to watch. Below the video are some of the details about our plans for worship; others are still to come. A reminder that this is a heart-felt work in progress, and I ask for your continued patience – we’re building the plane as we fly it!

NOTE:  In this recording I suggest that daily Morning and Evening Prayer was to begin on Tuesday, 3/24.  We needed to push this beginning date to Thursday, 3/26 owing to the press of other work.   M+



Given that we can’t worship together in person on Sundays, let’s step up our daily worship. Starting Thursday, March 26, we will return to the Church’s ancient daily practice of Morning and Evening Prayer. Beginning on Thursday, and each weekday that follows, we gather via Zoom at 9:00 am and 5:00 PM for these services (you will be able to participate). Kat White is completing work on a webpage for resources for daily prayer, including orders of worship for each morning and evening. Look for an email invitation with details.

The first few days I will officiate. In the coming days, I’d like others to lead us. If you are interested in leading or doing a reading for Morning and Evening Prayer, please contact Donna Murphey at (425) 306-2200 or dmurphy980@aol.com. Donna has kindly agreed to schedule readers and officiants for later this week and beyond.

Sunday’s Holy Eucharist from St. John’s begins steaming online this coming Sunday, March 29 at 9:00 AM. We’ve chosen this time so that our worship won’t conflict with the Cathedral’s 11:00 AM Celebration of Holy Eucharist. Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to St. John’s offerings during this time of confinement. For those who regularly celebrate the Wednesday Holy Eucharist, we will resume that worship (again by streaming online) next week on April 1 – no fooling! 


In addition to the opportunities for us to worship together online, I also invite us to pray compline each night at 8:30 pm from our own homes.  You will find Compline on page 127 in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).  If you do not own the BCP and want a physical copy, please email me and I will get one to you. In the meantime, Church Publishing is offering the complete Book of Common Prayer as a free, downloadable PDF. 

Our worship-from-a-distance will continue through Holy Week and Eastertide. More soon on these details, as well as plans related to community and prayer practices in the coming days.


PS – Be on the lookout for a Zoom invitation to Canon John’s Lenten Program that resumes this Wednesday online at 6:00 PM. You’ll be able to join in the conversations and ask questions.  


* We use the terms worship and prayer interchangeably. As a general rule, worship is the prayer of the congregation together, and prayer describes our individual daily practice of devotion in which we speak and listen to God and thereby develop a conscious and intentional friendship with God.    

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