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All Are Welcome

Families at St. John’s look many different ways. Some are small, some are singles, some are large! Some are divorced, some have no kids and are OK with that, some don’t have kids and really want them. Some have lots of kids and want some more, some are waiting for a few to go off to college. Some families are new and just figuring things out, some have been at this a long time and have wisdom to share. 

No matter who you are or what family means to you, we believe you are a beloved part of God’s family. We are all united as children of God, whatever our other differences may be and that is what matters to us. We strive to love and support one another through our challenges and triumphs. We aren’t perfect, but we keep working on it! 

St John’s provides a variety of opportunities for children to learn the Christian faith, Episcopal identity, and to contribute to worship. 


Children’s Faith Formation 

Classes runs concurrent with the school year from September to June during the church service with the children leaving at the Hymn of Praise and returning at the Peace. 

Godly Play (ages 3-8)

Godly Play, based on Maria Montessori’s principles, presents the stories of the Bible in age appropriate fashion for children of a wide age range.  It imparts to them not only the stories of their faith but lessons for Christian living and encourages them to question and wonder creatively. 


Seasons of the Spirit (ages 9-11) 

Within this time of learning the children will explore the meaning and mystery to be found in the bible in a way that is grounded in thoughtful theology and is nurturing to the imaginative spirit.  This curriculum empowers the children to be transformed in their relationship with Christ.   Seasons of the Spirit is based on the common lectionary, for most Sundays the children’s lessons will mirror what is happening scripturally in the church. 


The Worship Service 

Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend the Sunday service.  St. John’s loves to have our children at worship with us and understands that kids will be kids as they wonder and learn about what it means to be in church.  At the front of the church near the piano there is a children’s area with quiet activities, all are welcome here. 

The Nursery 

We also have a nursery for our children under the age of 3.  One paid professional and one volunteer staff the nursery each week.  In the St. John’s nursery, we are building a foundation for your child's life in the church and their walk with the Lord. It is crucial to give children a great start in the church and the nursery is one of the first steps of this process.  We want your child to enjoy coming to the nursery.  We strive to do this by offering them a safe, engaging, and fun place to explore and learn about God through play.  The nursery is staffed during the education hour begin at 9:00 through the 10 O’clock service.  We ask that you get your children at the Peace so they can join their church family for the Eucharist. 



VBC 2020: The Faces of Jesus 
July 27-31 from 9am to Noon 

  Registration has started for VBC 2020. Please click hereto go to the registration form for
  your child.  Please fill out one form for each child, the $5.00 registration fee is per family.

  Would you like to help with VBC this year?  Please fill out the VBC team registration form here. 




We welcome all youth in 6th-12th grade to join our community. We respect the identity and individuality of each person and recognize that our unique selves combine to create a rich group. We strive to foster a welcoming environment that encourages and elevates the perspectives and voices of our young people. 

Youth are welcome to participate in liturgical opportunities during the service as acolytes, ushers, and lectors. 

For more information, contact the church office. 




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